CrushingMicros profile


Advanced full-ring cash profile from Warbot Team, that can also play MTTs


Another profile from the author of Conchita and SpeedyGonzales, created in october, 2015!
It supports
PokerTracker stats and selects playing scenario depending on opponents and table statistics.

Poker is the game of skill. It’s exciting at any level of experience and has a lot in common with the real life situations.
Those, who are seriously interested in making money with poker consistently, should think long-term.
This profile is designed for NL2-NL5 full-ring cash games, by Nathan Williams book “Crushing the Microstakes”.
It doesn’t pay for weak hands, makes proper betsizing, cuts off opponents who wants to see cheap flop. It also can slow-play stong hands and let your rivals get rid of their stacks.

In addition to cash games, this profile also plays MTT as well! It switches strategy automatically depending on the blinds size.
It’s very convenient, since you don’t need to change profiles while jumping from one type of game to another.

Profile was tested on 888 Poker full-ring tables. More than 5 BB/100 hands winrate! Works great as a bonus-clearing tool, and rakeback-maker.
Be sure to run it successfully in other rooms as well.

Profile is pre-configured to sit out when # of active opponents falls below 5 (use f$sitin, f$sitout functions to adjust it)

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PokerTracker support



$0.02, $0.04, $0.05


Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)

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