Dynamo profile


Universal profile for 6max/full-ring MTT/SNG and cash


This profile is copy-protected and works only if you have Warbot license file (will work with OpenHoldem too, please contact us for detailed instructions). So please don’t look for pirated versions, they play incorrectly and just lose your money.

General information:

The Dynamo 4-in-1 profile was created out of frustration — because most profiles on the market today are built to play only one specific type of game.

The Dynamo 4-in-1 is a versatile profile that plays a winning strategy for all hold’em game types.

  • Multi-table Tournaments
  • 6, 9, 10 – Max Single Table Tournaments
  • Spin & Go 3 – Max Tournaments
  • Cash Games

 We put over 1,000 hours of debugging and A/B testing into our profile. We lost a good amount of money while debugging, so you won’t have to.

Pre-built into the profile, there are loads of features and functionality that all players can appreciate

Flags/Buttons to control the following:

  • ON/OFF bubble mode manual override switch
  • Sit-out code based on number of opponents
  • Manual StartingChips value override
  • Game type selection

Prebuilt code:

  • Automatic Sit-and-Go bubble code
  • Randomized betting variation to mimic human play
  • Incredibly effective trap plays
  • Dynamic game stage definition designed to apply to any game type

Forum thread: https://forum.warbotpoker.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=894

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