FireStorm pack profiles


Cash profiles pack for full-ring and 6max with mods

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“FireStorm Full Ring” is an Advanced Cash Game Profile, The following is included in this much anticipated profile…

Package includes 4 profiles:

  1. TAG full-ring
  2. NIT full-ring mod
  3. LAG full-ring mod
  4. 6max profile


  • Short Stack Strategy (More advanced than a simple 20BB Strategy / Some consider it a Mid Stack Strategy)
  • 100 Big Blind Strategy
  • Deep Stack Strategy

No other profile can offer what you are able to do with “FireStorm”
During our testing period, “FireStorm” has seen solid results along with tremendous promise for an exciting future! With the most advanced Cash Game Profile on the Market Place the possibilities are endless… Avoid being profiled and throw off your opponents by switching gears from Short Stacking to Regular Play to Deep Stack Play on a daily basis! “FireStorm” will continue to grow as new levels and limits are being tested daily..

Introducing A Short Stack Strategy


  • This Strategy lets you play higher stakes without risking your Bankroll
  • Feel free to hit and run with a big double-up or let the profile automatically switch to the 100BB strategy and continue its dominance on the table
  • This Strategy is being tested and developed to be able to be used as a stand alone in limits as high as 100NL
  • The Graphs shown below are that of 2 tester’s and are based on a 100BB Buy-In

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$0.02, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25



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OpenHoldem7+, Shanky

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