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Mid Stack strategy profile for 6-max cash NL

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This profile is a Mid Stack strategy for 6 man cash NL. I have tried many free and paid profiles and always the same thing: all the profiles are very predictable. Some years ago it was easy to get profits just playing abc poker, but nowadays is much more difficult, and the rooms are full of “antibot” players who raise after the bot’s CB, or float in the flop and bet in the turn to make the bots fold one time and another. Tired of this I decided to make my own profile, an unpredictable profile. Fish Tilter sometimes does slow play, sometimes shows weakness inciting the opponents to bluff, also in some situations it randomly check raises stacking the donks and tilting the fishes.

How does this profile play?
This profile plays unpredictable poker, but at the same time it plays solid poker, playing only strong hands and trying to avoid marginal situations.

At what stakes can I play with Fish Tilter?
It was originally tested at Bodog NL 5 and Cake NL 4 with very good results, but it plays very solid poker and it can handle NL 10 without problems, and of course it can work good also at Ipoker, 888 and other rooms.

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OpenHoldem7+, Shanky



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