King of the Ring profile


Core Warbot profile, that comes with paid package for free, starting from May 2016.


This is universal profile that comes with Warbot Package. Along with full-ring cash games (it’s primary application), it plays all major kinds of games:

  • Cash full-ring and short-handed
  • MTT full-ring and short-handed
  • SNG full-ring and 6max

Smart shift from full-ring to short-handed cash game strategy, auto-recognize SNG prize structure to determine proper Bubble play. Supports lots of PokerTracker stats:

  • pt_rfi_raischair
  • pt_vpip_raischair
  • pt_steal_attempt_raischair
  • pt_3bet_raischair
  • pt_flop_checkraise_headsup
  • pt_flop_fold_to_cbet_headsup

.. and more!

Even without PokerTracker stats, it changes its strategy depending on table stats (PlayersPerFlop%)! Also it dynamically collects stats on your opponents, it PokerTracker is not used.

“0” toolbar button enables “never sitout” mode (usefull for fast-fold games). Other sitout and sitin options can be edited in f$sitin and f$sitout functions as usual.

Additional information

PokerTracker support



$0.02, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10


Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)

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