Moonshine profile


Profile is great for freerolls and regular MTTs

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This is advanced MTT profile, that uses Poker Tracker stats for:
– steal blinds if opponents’s fold % is high
– defend blinds against opponets with high blinds steal %
– steal pot on flop from certain types of opponents
– set proper open raise size depending on opponents

Profile plays solid MTT poker even if Poker Tracker is not used.

This profile is fully aware of your position on table, considering opponents sitting out.
Also, it evaluates opponents’ open raise range depending on his position.

We recommend 1/100 rule for this profile. It means, you should play buy-ins that are 1/100 of your bankroll.
Example: your bankroll is 100$, than you play 1$ tournaments.

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Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)



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