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MTT profile, enhanced with PokerTracker support!

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From the author of SharkVador – new “MTT MONSTER” is a profile designed only for MTT games (both 6max and full-ring), published on 10 oct 2017.
It has been tested with buy-in of 1$ to 30$ with very nice results.
MTT Monster plays a poker-exploiting style – it benefits from your opponents weaknesses, using their PokerTracker stats.
Profile is able to automatically switch its playing style depending on game format: deepstack , turbo , hyper turbo.
Preflop was coded using “10% of big blind ante” push/fold charts, to adapt to several formats. This profile is very strong especially because of effective shoves, so it could not be exploited by the good players.

Postflop spots were reviewed with great precision, lots of random actions added, not to be exploited and “profiled”.
There is also some over-betting code, to surprise your opponents and take them out of comfortable state.

On attached graphs, you can see statistics from 3 independent players (tested on 888 and PartyPoker)

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Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)

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