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Updated 2nd version of our top profile – for cash, mtt, sng, enhanced with PokerTracker support!


Sharkvador is updated to 2nd version! Now it’s called Sharkvador2. It’s copy-protected and works only if you have Warbot license file (will work with OpenHoldem too). So please don’t look for pirated versions, they play incorrectly and just loose your money.

Sharkvador2 update notes:

All preflop ranges are reviewed: open-raise, 3bet, 4bet 5bet, push range, etc. Sizings have been reviewed too.
Post-flop logic also has huge improvements (around 15000 of new code lines).

Open ranges are much more precise and made according to stack and effective stack sizes.
Open pushes are changed, the former was much too wide, the open push and the effective open push is now 15bb, except for some hands that are played better between 15-20bb, for SB/BT/CO.

For the cash game the bot will also play differently, according to its stack 100bb / 150bb / 200bb +
The profile has been tested on several rooms with very pleasant results in 6-max and full ring (although for us the fullring still remains the most profitable with the bot),
Tested in NL2, NL5 for cash games and tournaments buy in 1-10 $. Please see new added graphs in the top-left corner.
It’s recommended to use Poker Tracker when possible – this version of profile uses more accurate statistics than the old version.

Main profile description:

SharkVador plays cash game (can play in 6max too, but preferably fullring) and mtt / sng. Extensively tested on 888 with over 6.5 BB/100 hands winrate!
This profile plays a GTO (Game Theory Optimal) game, it uses multiple statistics (preflop, flop and turn) of PokerTracker with a very high precision, therefore, it adapts to each opponent, whether in cash game or tournaments.
Sharkvador can slow-play the nuts according to the opponent.

Concerning the cash game we believe it should be winning until the NL10 limit.
In order to have optimal results I strongly recommend you to use PokerTracker.

Concerning the tournaments, The open sizings are made according to the Mzone and the range of open shove to 1 blinds close, so it commits no errors on the shove and re-steal.
You can put it on any format,
He has achieved final tables on $ 5 buy-in big field, and even took 1st places unassisted (look for screenshots).

PT4 allows you to have an important edge on the opponents:

-Range of open gto constructed with a solver (software game theory optimal).
-3bet and call according to the% rfi of the opponent
-Call 3bet and 4bet as a function of the % of 3bet of the opponent
-Steal from the cut off according to the statics of the Button, the SB and the BB
-3 bet light if the opponent fold often 3bet and fold often the cbet in the 3bet pots.

The ranges of this profile are easily modifiable using the preflop array tables, same thing for the range of shove in mtt but I advise you not to modify them.

Press “0” button on the bot toolbar for “never sitout mode” and for speed poker tables. By default, it will sit out when # of your opponents falls below 3 (in cash games)

Short video demonstration:

Main forum thread:

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PokerTracker support



$0.02, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10


Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)

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