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Introducing SONIC… This profile has been in development for the past two years by a HUSNG expert and debugged and improved by myself over the past few months. It has been coded based on expert coaches, training videos, and analyzing hands with Poker Tracker 4 and ICMIZER 2 to optimize it’s game play. We took our hand database and created custom code for each effective stack size, analyzed opponent tendencies. After doing this it was obvious that most people in low stakes HU Hypers are much too passive under 15bb effective stack sizes, which is the most important stack range in these games.

What are Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNGs (HUHT)? Starting stacksize of 500 chips, starting blind size of 20+/-, and 2-3 minute blinds. This structure is what allows you to play over 100 games/day.

SONIC starts playing mixed (LIMP and MR) and carefully at 15+ BB. Under 15BB eff it starts to be aggressive but still much by MR (and Call 3b shove wider) and some random traps (Limp -> shove) to fight against opponents who raise limpers often, which is pretty common at mid/low stack depth. Under 10BB it will change it up by wide Openshoving, but still limps most of the hands which has much better EV than open folding up to 5BB eff. It also fights vs limpers well by 3Xing or ROLing them depending on effective stack. As far as postflop, it goes for cheap aggression by doing lots of small cbets/donks/leads/stabs. This is critical in order to steal small pots. There is no need for high cbet sizing in these games because from our database and experiences people fold almost same to 30% pot size cbet as 50% pot size cbet.

This profile has been tested in games as low as $0.50 and as high as $15. Results shown above average out to $7 buy ins, played mostly on iPoker. We averaged an ROI of 4% in the graph shown at the top. Even if you lowered that ROI to 3% as shown in the projection, that leads to a projected monthly profit of $225/month playing $1 games, and $393/month playing $2.5 games! The profile is priced so that you should be able to return your investment in a month. These games are great to grind out a profit and get some good rakeback.

If you know anything about HUHT games, you know that these games have REALLY REALLY big swings! Please make sure that you have the proper bankroll for them. These games are not for the faint of heart. The variance in these games can be very high.

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Low ($1-$5), Medium ($7-$30)


OpenHoldem7+, Shanky



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