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GTO-style cash profile for 6max/full-ring

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This profile is copy-protected and works only if you have Warbot license file (will work with OpenHoldem too, please contact us for detailed instructions). So please don’t look for pirated versions, they play incorrectly and just lose your money.

General information:
UltraGTO profile is result of 1.5 year of work in cooperation with professional NL100-NL200 poker player. This profile is actually a combination of expert player strategy and GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategy, used in software tools like “Simple Postflop”, and similar.

GTO is popular concept of an unexploitable strategy in poker. It refers to a decision in some particular situation for which an opponent cannot make a profitable counter.
So, basically, we built a decision-tree for all most popular post-flop scenarios in GTO calculator, and then programmed solution into the profile – for raised pot, 3bet pot and 4bet pot individually! You can imagine amount of work needed to do this: profile is over 100 000 of codelines in length. We are absolutely sure that right now this is the most sophisticated and advanced profile for cash games on the market.
Future updates will include additional scenarios for post-flop. Number of possible scenarios is almost infinite, but we will add most important and frequent ones first of course. All scenarios that are not covered by main GTO logic are passed to “back-up” section of profile, which should take care of them.

Preflop is also detailed to very deep level. All preflop modules consider different strategy for short, standard and deep stacks (up to 6-7 stack groups). And of course, the code considers our position versus position of opponent(s). Randomized actions are all there too.
Some minor PokerTracker code is included in preflop, but since the main idea of this profile is unexploitable GTO strategy, playing without PokerTracker and any stats is absolutely ok. We did all our tests without PokerTracker.

One of the important priorities for us is to provide a profile, that users can edit. So, despite some profile functions are encrypted (copy-protection), it does not hurt editing process at all. Code sections are logically grouped, commented, and intuitively clear to understand. You can change everything: handlists for open-raise, 3bet/4bet, isolate, all kinds of bet/3bet/4bet sizes, etc. And, what is especially important, you can easily understand and change post-flop logic too.

At first, profile was designed for 6max only, but then we expanded it to full-ring, and according to tests, full-ring is even more profitable, but harder to make good volume there. Tests were made in PokerKing casino: NL10 limit.
Regarding what limits to play: we did not try to make micro-limits profile, we just wanted it to play solid GTO-style poker. Generally speaking, it should perform well in all limits up to NL50 or so. Micros are absolutely fine too, just keep in mind that profile expects rational play from your opponents, which is not always true for NL2-NL5 games, so some bad beats from calling stations will happen, and some maniacs can kick you out of good hand. Nevertheless, GTO strategy will dominate in the longrun, even against such players.
There are plans also to add some tournament preflop section, this will make possible to use this profile not only in cash games, but in MTT/SNG too.

Structure of profile: (at the moment of 1st release)

Isolate/limp, and reaction to raise after it
Squeeze/cold call
Facing squeeze
3bet/4bet/5bet/cold call
Facing 3bet/4bet/5bet
Facing open3bet/open4bet/open5bet

PostFlop – different scenarios for raised/3bet/4bet pot, IP/OOP and sometimes positionVSposition.

VsCbet without initiative
VsCheckRaise with initiative
Cbet with initiative
VsRaise with initiative
VsRaise after MissedCbet

Second barrel and related
Facing second barrel
Facing missed second barrel
After called flop donk, with initiative
Delayed cbet

Third Barrel
Third Barrel Vs Donk
Vs Third Barrel After Check
Facing third barrel
After bet flop/check turn (or check flop/bet turn), with initiative
Vs Bet After bet flop/check turn (or check flop/bet turn), with initiative

All other scenarios are handled by backup code at the moment. List of scenarios will grow in future updates.


Recommended buy-in: 100BB with top-up. You can set f$sitout to leave table with stack over 300BB (optional)
By default, f$sitout gets active when # of opponents is less than 3 (on 6max), and less than 4(on fullring). “0” toolbar button activates “never sitout” mode – useful for rush/fast-fold games.
f$delay is commented out by default (no delays), but you can remove comments to activate suggested settings. “1” toolbar button activates “no delay” mode, if code block is activated.

Forum threadhttp://forum.warbotpoker.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=635&p=3792#p3792

Video demohttps://youtu.be/R5OtLFqpg7I

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